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A customer of Allied’s in the nuclear industry was looking to upgrade a cable they previously purchased. The customer was concerned about tear resistance within their application because flexibility was crucial to their application. After searching for a stock item that would perform the same, or even better, than the previous cable, our customer and sales representative decided on a custom nuclear cable instead.

Let’s walk through the design of this custom nuclear cable:

From the very inner core, this custom cable featured six tinned copper conductors. Each conductor was 28 AWG and had color coded PFA insulation. PFA insulation offers great mechanical strength at higher temperatures and offers low temperature toughness, which is important for a nuclear application. There was also a 28 AWG tinned copper drain wire that sat parallel under the shield. The shield was made of tinned copper and offered 90% minimum coverage. Then, came the custom outer layer — the silicone rubber jacket. Silicone rubber is known for its high tear strength and for its excellent performance in nuclear radiation resistance, making it a great fit for the customer’s application.

Thanks to Allied’s custom cable design expertise, this custom nuclear cable assures that the outer, flexible silicone jacket would have better tear resistance.

If you’re looking to upgrade a cable you’ve been using, call Allied’s custom cable experts at or visit our Custom Cable Design Center.

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