Custom PTFE Cable


Custom PTFE Cable

When customers need a specific type of cable that can’t be found off the shelf, they come to Allied Wire and Cable with their custom cable requests. In this case, we developed a custom PTFE cable for a leading aluminum manufacturer that produces flat, rolled aluminum sheets, primarily used for making beverage cans.

This customer had purchased specially designed custom cable from Allied Wire and Cable in the past for the exact same purpose: to help run the aluminum manufacturing machines at the plant. For a long time, the customer experienced great results with the custom cable and its reliable performance in their manufacturing application.

The problem began when the customer started using a new coolant in their manufacturing process. Employees at the plant noticed the cable start to malfunction and, at further inspection, realized the coolant was causing the jacket to corrode. When the customer contacted an Allied Wire and Cable sales representative, we ensured them we would go the extra mile to solve their cable jacket problem and design a new custom cable to resist the damaging effects of the new coolant.

Instead of gambling on whether or not the corrosion would occur again, the sales representative sent the customer a sample of the new custom cable, complete with a new PTFE jacket for testing. The customer soaked the cable in their coolant for an extended period of time, replicating the exposure it would experience in its application. After three days of soaking, there were no signs of corrosion or decomposition, and we knew we had found the correct custom PTFE cable for our loyal customer.

Despite the high-pressure situation, our sales representative was steadfast in finding a solution. Allied Wire and Cable was able to design a custom cable to meet the manufacturing plant’s evolving needs, and our fast, personal service left the customer ecstatic.

As a family-owned and -operated company, Allied Wire and Cable greatly values its relationship with its customers, including this family-run manufacturing plant, and we take pride in their choice to continually count on Allied Wire and Cable for all their custom cable design needs.

If you’re having trouble finding a wire or cable that meets your specific needs, and would like a company that will work alongside you to get the job done, contact an Allied Wire and Cable account representative about designing a custom cable solution. Call 800-472-4655 or visit our Custom Cable Design Center to get started.

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