Custom RG 179 Cable with LiY Power and Signal Wires


Custom RG 179 Cable with LiY Power and Signal Wires

Have you ever thought about what it takes to keep manufacturing environments clean? Maybe not, but a customer of ours deals with this scenario every day. This customer designs specialized instruments to help manufacturers detect, identify and control contamination in their processes and environments. To meet their unique needs, Allied Wire and Cable designed a custom RG 179 cable with LiY power and signal wires.

Allied Wire and Cable’s customer originally sent in a request for an RG179 cable for use in a surface particle detection application. Their engineer mentioned they were planning on bundling this cable with two power cable and two signal wires. Armed with this new information, our sales representative suggested putting all five wires under a single jacket to decrease installation time. The customer was concerned about two important aspects of the design process, however. The customer needed power cables and signal wires that were approved for use in Europe, and the overall diameter needed to stay as small as possible.

Our design team began engineering this custom composite cable, incorporating the single RG-179 cable along with the two power cables and two signal wires, which featured stranded bare copper, according to DIN VDE 0295 Class 5, and were insulated with VDE-approved PVC. The two signal wires were size 24 AWG and had green and yellow insulation, and the power cables were larger, at size 20 AWG, with black and red insulation. 

In order to reduce interference, we added a bare copper spiral shield to one of the two 24 AWG signal wire cables but still managed to maintain the small outer diameter the customer required.

Putting all five of these components under one jacket makes it easier to install and keeps a work space more organized. If you’ve considered creating a composite cable but might need some guidance, visit Allied Wire and Cable’s Custom Cable Design Center to get started! Our knowledgeable sales representatives will find the perfect fit for your needs.

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