Custom Security Cable


Custom Security Cable

Surveillance systems often incorporate multiple functions such as video, power, data, and signal transmission. Highly specialized systems, like those used by the Department of Homeland Security, require specialty cables that are engineered to their exact specifications.

When Allied was asked for help with a custom security cable to be used in a complex airport surveillance system, we worked one-on-one with the customer to ensure it met their needs exactly. The design combined video cable, power cable, data communications cable, and signal cable elements into a single composite cable construction.

With a custom security cable that met all of the needs of the application, the customer was able to purchase one line item instead of a long list of individual cables, saving them money. They also received a cable solution that took up minimal space and was built to their exact specifications for optimal performance.

If you need a specialty cable for your application, visit our Custom Cable Design Center to start the design process now.

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