Custom Seismic Cable


Custom Seismic Cable

When a customer approached us for a custom seismic cable, we had just the solution! As a distributor for mining parts, this customer relied on Allied Wire and Cable to make a quality custom cable for the application. This custom seismic cable for mining would be used in a bracing system. More specifically, this cable would be used in an underground mine to assist in emergency operations such as in the aftermath of an earthquake.

The customer knew they couldn’t find their exact requirements in an off-the-shelf product, so they contacted Allied Wire and Cable. They were looking for a cable that offered color- and number-coded conductors, specific shielding and drain wires.

At the core of this UL style PTLC cable was a 3-pair 20 AWG stranded (7/28) bare copper conductor. Each pair of conductors was color coded: one black and one white, and each pair was number-coded to stand apart from the other pairs. Each pair featured a tinned copper drain wire and were individually shielded with aluminum and polyester. Additionally, an overall continuous foil shield of aluminum and mylar with an additional drain wire was added. This cable’s application didn’t need high-temperature materials, so the insulation and jacket were made of standard PVC.

Sometimes a stock product just won’t cut it for your application. Contact Allied Wire and Cable and see how we can help you add customizations to the cable you need. Call your sales representative at 800-472-4655 or visit our Custom Cable Design Center.

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