Custom Solar Cable


Custom Solar Cable

People have inventive ideas all the time—the trouble is that they often don’t know who to seek out to help make their concept a reality. The owner of a solar installation company didn’t have anyone he could trust to turn his design into a custom solar cable until he developed a relationship with an Allied Wire and Cable sales representative.

The customer was using a 3-conductor cable common to residential wiring—the kind you can buy at your home improvement store—along with THHN wire as a ground for solar installation projects. Both parts would need to be run from the roof through the attic to the main service panel. It got the job done, but he envisioned a single solar cable where all four conductors would be bundled under one jacket that would save money and shave entire days off the installation process.

He brought the custom composite cable design idea to his sales representative, who helped him get everything he needed, including a brightly colored jacket printed with the company’s name and “patent pending.” The customer took six months to perfect his custom solar cable design and was grateful for his representative, who demonstrated dedicated consistency and responded speedily to every question.

If you’ve thought of a way to innovate your industry or save your company time and money, consider building a custom cable with Allied Wire and Cable. Visit our Custom Cable Design Center or call 800-472-4655 to be put in touch with an expert.

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