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Custom Stage Lighting Cable

The audience is seated. The theater is silent, and the curtains slowly draw back. In 3 ... 2 ... 1, it’ll be lights, camera, action!

We know you’re probably wondering how the wire and cable industry can possibly relate to theatrics, so we’ll let you in on a little behind the scenes secret—it’s all in the stage design, specifically the stage lighting.

One of our customers who’s in the business of designing, building, and installing sets came to us about a cable that would be used to hang accent lighting on set. The customer provided the basics of the design, stating that they needed a 20 AWG 5 conductor cable, and from there the rest was up to us to design the ideal custom stage lighting cable.

Because the cable would be used in a moving light display, there were two main components of the cable’s design that our team focused a lot of attention on. First, the cable needed to be flexible, and in order to increase flexibility, our custom cable experts had to work to get the overall OD down. Next, the cable needed a little something extra so that all the weight wouldn’t be placed on the conductor while the application was in motion. To ensure that no strain would be placed on the conductor while the lights were moving, we incorporated a stainless steel strength member.

Allied Wire and Cable’s custom cable experts are experienced in designing and manufacturing custom cables for all types of industries, even those that you wouldn’t typically think to associate wire and cable with. If you find that stock products aren’t doing the trick, consider getting in contact with Allied about custom cable options. We’ll work closely with you, incorporating all the necessary tools and resources we have, in order to set the stage for just the custom cable you’ll need. For more information, visit our Custom Cable Design Center or call 800-472-4655 to be put in touch with an Allied Wire and Cable custom cable expert today.

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