Custom Telecommunication Composite Cable


Custom Telecommunication Composite Cable

When a contract electronics manufacturer customer couldn’t find a telecommunication cable for their application, they turned to Allied Wire & Cable for help. Their Allied sales representative suggested creating a custom cable to fit the customer’s needs. They worked together to bring this custom telecommunication cable to life.

The customer provided specs of another cable they were already using to their Allied sales rep. After our rep spoke with the customer and evaluated the specs, they were truly able to understand the customer’s needs and redesign this cable to be exactly what the customer was looking for.

This cable is a composite telecommunication cable that has two main components. The first component consists of eight 22 AWG shielded pairs with tin plated copper conductor and extruded ETFE insulation. Component one is also in accordance with M22759/18-22. For more information on M22759 visit our site. The second component consists of two 50 ohm coax cables with an overall shield and jacket, and a solid silver plated copper clad steel conductor. This component consists of an equal to Time’s Microwave Tflex line. The component meets M17 specs and is designed for the transmission of high frequency signals with minimum loss. For more information on M17 specs, our website can provide more information.

The final assembly of this cable features 10 components cabled together with fillers as required for roundness. It has a polyester tape binder, tin copper plated copper braid shield, and extruded FR Polyurethane black jacket. This cable has a 600 V rating and a temperature rating of -40°C to +105°C. By creating this custom cable, Allied was able to make this customer happy with a complete redesign of a previous cable.

Do you need a quick turnaround for your application? Call our custom cable experts today at 800-472-4655 to see how we can you with your custom cable needs, or visit our Custom Cable Design Center.

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