Custom Thermocouple Composite


Custom Thermocouple Composite

When a customer in the global manufacturing industry couldn’t find a thermocouple composite cable for their application, they turned to Allied Wire & Cable for help. An Allied sales representative suggested creating a custom cable to fit the customer’s needs. They worked together to bring this custom thermocouple composite cable to life.

Thermocouple cable is used in applications that require a high temperature rating. It is produced using a wide range of materials. Thermocouple wires are most commonly used to link and control instrumentation in the application in which it is being used. It also may be used to build the sensing point and generate electric energy.

A thermocouple cable consists of two wires that work together to perform in exceptionally high temperatures.There are eight common types of Thermocouple Wire which are Type E, J, K, T, N, R, S, and B. In this specific application, the customer needed Type B Thermocouple Wire. The normal conductor materials in this thermocouple pairing are manganese and copper. In addition to the thermocouple pairing, the customer also required a standard, paired communication cable.

This custom thermocouple composite cable is constructed of one pair of 20 AWG tinned copper FEP shielded and one pair of 20 AWG Manganese/Copper shielded. In the first pair, the wires are colored black and white and in the second pair the wires are colored gray and red. Both pairs have an Aluminum/Mylar foil shield. The entire cable has a gray, FEP overall jacket. It is rated to 300V and has an operating temperature of -80C to + 200C.

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