Custom PLTC Tray Cable


Custom PLTC Tray Cable

When a leader in the custom digital display industry approached Allied Wire and Cable looking for custom cable for one of their specialized LCD display systems, we knew we’d be able to design a custom-made cable to meet their specifications.

The LCD display application required custom composite cable consisting of both power-limited tray cable (PLTC) and plenum cable, a combination that can’t be found off the shelf. Not only did we help them design a plenum-rated, custom tray cable perfectly suited to their application but also offered them lower minimums and shorter lead times than they would have found elsewhere.

From the start, the customer was assigned a dedicated sales representative to assist them throughout the custom-cable design process. This sales representative also continued to work with the customer on future revisions of the product. With Allied Wire and Cable’s emphasis on personal service, you don’t have to worry about explaining your requirements over and over again to different sales representatives. We assign you a single point of contact so you have a resource to rely on throughout your product development process and for future custom wire and cable needs.

The sales representative was actively involved in the project with the customer, who was able to make changes throughout the design process to better accommodate their evolving needs. In order to improve branding and facilitate part number recognition for their clients, the customer requested that the cable’s print legend include their logo and a part number. Allied Wire and Cable printed the logo and part number directly onto the cable to meet the customer’s request. The logo made branding the cable simple and providing the part number directly on the jacket of the custom cable made identification easy for customers and internal production.

When it comes to working with the customer personally, Allied Wire and Cable has the process down pat. A knowledgeable sales representative will work with you to ensure that your custom cable design meets all your necessary requirements whether you are a wire and cable expert or completely new to custom cable design. You can start designing today with our Custom Cable Design Center.

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