Custom Tray Cable – Color

When it comes to hard-to-find wire and cable parts or cables with special requirements, Allied Wire and Cable’s custom cable abilities are surpassed by none. In this case, the customer worked with Allied Wire and Cable in the past and decided to come back to us with a custom cable request. The company needed tray cable with a specific color jacket as well as their company’s name printed on it. Because tray cable typically comes in black, this customer knew they would need a custom tray cable for their unique situation.

The customer was in search of a cable with the same power and capabilities as a 16 AWG-5 conductor tray cable but with a blue jacket and a braid shield instead of a foil shield. These cables were needed to control a RFN neutralizing machine system and would lay flat against the machine. Because the cable was going to be exposed, they wanted the jacket color to match the outside of the machines, which was blue. The customer also requested that we print their company’s name and website on the jacket so that their customers would know where to buy replacements.

In the end, Allied was able to satisfy the customer by accommodating their unique need for a custom tray cable within a reasonable lead time at an affordable price. Helping customers find the right cables to suit their needs is one of our specialties at Allied Wire and Cable. We will continue to work hard to serve our loyal customers.

If you have a custom cable request, please fill out our custom cable design form or call 800-472-4655 to speak with one of our sales representatives who can lead you in the right direction.

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