Custom Audio Cable


Custom Audio Cable

Custom composite cable is a great option for any industry because it can be designed to meet multiple needs with just one cable. In this case, an Allied Wire and Cable representative was able to design a custom composite speaker cable for a leading electrical supply company.

The customer was looking for a way to save money in the production of this custom audio cable and save time in its installation. Composite cable achieves both goals. The customer’s application required multiple paired cables in different sizes and constructions. Combining those components under one jacket reduces costs. It’s easier to handle and install and also saves space.

The new speaker cable was a success—so much so that the customer came back to reorder it. Reordering custom cable at Allied Wire and Cable is a breeze. Because every account is assigned an individual representative, there is never a need to repeat requirements or resend specs for custom cable constructions. The representative is already familiar with you and your business and cable needs. With this approach, no time is wasted, and every customer receives not only a high-quality custom cable product but the high level of personal service they deserve.

Looking for ways that your company could be more economical with its resources? Contact an Allied Wire and Cable custom cable expert at 800-472-4655 or visit our Custom Cable Design Center to start designing smart solutions today.

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