High-Temperature Tray Cable

At Allied Wire and Cable, we know it's important to protect the world we live in. So when a customer of ours who’s in the business of electricity services—specializing in wind and solar power, electrical vehicle chargers and energy monitoring—approached us about building a cable to be used for a natural gas plant, we were on board and began creating a custom high-temperature tray cable in no time.

The customer specified that he needed an 18 AWG Type E thermocouple wire rated for 200 degrees Celsius. From there, we knew that it would be a custom cable, mainly because of the 18 AWG specification. This is because thermocouple wire most commonly requires either 16 AWG or 20 AWG.

Taking the customer's needs into consideration, we were able to design a 4-pair 18 AWG high-temp thermocouple cable, PLTC, rated to 300V. The custom high-temperature tray cable is type CL2P and, due to the environment the application was going to be installed in, the cable is also resistant to oil, gas, sunlight, abrasion and acid.

If you know that you need to go the custom cable route for an application but aren’t sure on the specifics of the construction you’ll need, let Allied Wire and Cable help. To get started, call one of AWC’s custom cable experts at 800-472-4655 or visit our Custom Cable Design Center.

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