Custom Military Cable


Custom Military Cable

Sometimes the main goal for a company to keep their costs low is to decrease labor costs and raw material. This was the case for a New Jersey-based manufacturer specializing in a wide variety of services for the military and general industry that needed a custom cable for use in a military cable harness.

Originally, the customer asked our Allied representative for a quote on two kinds of military-grade wire that are typically used in commercial or military aircraft and cable constructions for avionics, aerospace and airframe applications.

They had a part in mind and provided that part number to our rep for reference. It was perfect for their needs, except that they would be removing the shield and jacket during their installation process, which was a definite concern of theirs. Our sales representative suggested a custom cable that wouldn’t include the shield and jacket. The custom part helped the customer save labor costs and installation time and was ultimately a success for them.

In the end, the customer purchased a custom military cable made just for them with two 24 AWG twisted pairs insulated with foam FEP.

Are you and your team always concerned about cost and the best ways to keep costs down while still providing quality goods and services? Or do you just have very specific wire and cable needs that our inventory can’t match? Call 800-472-4655 or visit our Custom Cable Design Center to get started. We can take all of your specifications and turn them into the wire and cable that you can’t live without.

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