Custom Automotive Cable


Custom Automotive Cable

Looking for a non-standard gauge size or strand count? Need a hard-to-find or obsolete part? These are a few of the many reasons to manufacture custom cable. When one of our customers needed a custom automotive wire with non-standard construction and color code, they knew Allied was the place to go.

The customer was looking for a 16 AWG, 2 conductor SXL cable with black PVC insulation and a special color code. Ultimately, it would be used in an automotive cable assembly.

When no stock could be located with that particular construction and color code, it was clear that it would need to be manufactured as a custom automotive cable.

Allied was able to provide low pricing as well as a two week lead time for the custom SXL cable, and the customer received the custom automotive cable they needed on time, and on budget.

If you need a special gauge size or hard-to-find part, custom cable may be a good choice. Call 800-472-4655 to speak with a rep about your requirements.

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