Custom TXL Cable


Custom TXL Cable

You know the saying, “I get by with a little help from my friends?” That couldn't have been truer when our Allied rep had the pleasure of helping a customer who runs a family owned Start-up Company that specializes in customized LED controllers for your car.

The customer required a cable with 4 conductors, and the conductors had to be 20 AWG TXL wires. The custom request was that the cable have a black jacket with red, green, blue, and black wires. It certainly wasn't one of our more involved and tricky custom orders but no matter big or small, our Allied rep sprang into action after receiving this custom cable design request on our website.

When you hear the word custom or customized it most always conjures up thoughts of “this is going to take forever.” Sometimes, custom cable requests do take weeks even months in some cases depending on the complexity of the order but in this case, it was small changes that helped us get the order to the customer quickly and helped save the customer precious time with installation. And in our crazy nonstop world, who doesn't want to save some time?

Ultimately, the customer happily purchased this custom automotive cable with TXL wires and a few other automotive wires to use for their fast and cool automotive business.

We know that your business depends on the precise accuracy of the products that you purchase and custom wire and cable is no exception. Contact us directly online like this customer did, call us at 800-472-4655, or go directly to our Custom Cable Design Center to get started. You won’t regret it. Allied Wire and Cable is the number one source for custom cable for your specific applications.

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