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Custom Composite Automotive Cable

When you need to get up and go and your mode of transportation just won’t, a custom composite automotive cable might be the answer to help get your feet off the ground like it was for a public transit authority that needed a custom cable for their engine.

Before coming to Allied Wire and Cable for a custom cable design, the customer was using one cable for power, one cable for communication and another wire for the ignition. To save on installation time and combine all three components to fit through the small openings in the engine compartment, they determined that a custom composite automotive cable was the answer.

The customer had some concerns, however. One was that the cable would be in public buses and trains and, for that reason, it needed to be safe, specifically a low smoke cable. Allied Wire and Cable recommended a flame-resistant jacket material so that, in the event of a fire, the cables would emit little smoke and no dangerous chemicals because that would be extremely unhealthy for passengers. Selecting this material to protect this type of cable would also be less damaging to nearby equipment in the event of a fire. Secondly, they were concerned that it would be possible that the cable could be made without the power interfering with communications. And lastly, the final concern was the cost.

The Allied Wire and Cable sales representative quickly determined that there were no stock solutions but that the company could address each one of the customer’s concerns and exceed their expectations with a custom composite automotive cable. The customer was concerned about the effectiveness of the cable, public safety and even management approval, so the pressure was on for our sales representative to address the customer’s needs and concerns. After ensuring that the customer's problems were going to be solved, the order was placed for a shielded pair of cables, a ground conductor and a Cat5e data cable, with a jacket that was flame-retardant and resistant to oil and gas. The customer needed a solidly constructed product that was cost-efficient and needed it fast, from the first quote to the follow-up and from design to order. The customer was thrilled that Allied Wire and Cable was able to provide that for them.. Do you need to explore cables for power and communication and wires for ignition? Call us at 800-472-4655 or visit our Custom Cable Design Center to get started.

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