Custom RF Cable

Military applications can be particularly challenging. These cables need to be tough and remain reliable even under the harshest conditions.

When the military developed a device for soldiers in the field to detect IEDs and other threats, they knew it needed a custom communications cable that would meet the unique needs of its application.

The cable would run from the device encased in the soldier’s helmet, down into their uniform. Of course, the custom cable needed to be small, lightweight and tough. Because it would be worn by the soldier, it would also have to hold up to movement, abrasion, moisture and other conditions. Although radio frequency cables were the main components, signal and data cable components were also included in the custom composite construction.

It was a tall order, but Allied Wire and Cable engineered a custom RF cable that was small enough to remain hidden in the soldier’s uniform and that would withstand the challenges of its environment.

If you’re working with a challenging application, and stock cable just won’t get the job done, visit our Custom Cable Design Center and let us know how we can help you meet your requirements.

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