Custom Composite Cable


Custom Composite Cable

Leading cable assembly houses often call on Allied Wire and Cable for the components they need to build custom cable assemblies for their customers. They also rely on Allied Wire and Cable for services outside their usual manufacturing capabilities.

A custom cable assembly house required several PVC wires in different sizes to complete a wire harness for one of their customers, but they knew the final product would be messy and difficult to handle without the use of a composite cable construction. The assembly house called Allied Wire and Cable and requested a custom composite cable incorporating all of the various PVC cables under one jacket.

With the custom composite cable, the assembly house was able to deliver a streamlined assembly that would be smaller and easier to handle and install than one that included all of the standard wires individually. It also saved them the time and effort of pulling many cables, as the composite cable featured all of the necessary components on just one reel.

In this case, producing the custom cable did not involve a highly technical design process. Many times, custom cables don’t need to be designed from scratch; even the simplest changes in construction, like combining multiple cables under one jacket, can save you or your clients a lot of time in the field. Allied has also helped customers with simple alterations such as customizing the jacket color or increasing the conductor size to better fit the needs of their particular application. By making small changes to your cable’s design, you can improve the usability of your cable in a big way.

Whether you are from a custom cable assembly house or you’re just looking for a custom composite cable to better organize the wiring in your application, save space, and/or simplify installation, Allied can help you design a custom cable to meet your specifications.

Learn more about how the custom cable experts at Allied Wire and Cable can help you improve the cabling in your application and start the custom cable design process by visiting Allied’s Custom Cable Design Center.

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