Custom Medical Cable


Custom Medical Cable

Sometimes off-the-shelf wire and cable just doesn’t cut it, especially when you’re designing or manufacturing a new, specialized product. In this case, a manufacturer requested a custom cable product for use in its portable medical equipment. The custom medical cable product design incorporated cables falling under a variety of categories: ribbon cable, medical cable and power cable and power cord.

Although the custom cable needed to meet many specific requirements, Allied Wire and Cable welcomed the challenge. One of our dedicated sales representatives worked closely with engineers from the manufacturer, refining the drawing and ensuring that the customer received the ideal solution for their medical application’s unique requirements. The cables were even cut to length and designed with specific connectors to facilitate connection to the power board.

Because the medical equipment was designed for portability and needed to be easily moved, space and weight were primary concerns. The last thing the manufacturer wanted was a thick, heavy cable that would complicate installation or affect the usability of the final product. In an effort to cut down on bulk, we decreased the AWG sizes and conductor counts until the custom medical cable was better suited to the space-limited mobile application. By reducing the cable’s size, we also saved the customer installation time and production costs.

When stock cable is unable to meet your specialized requirements, Allied Wire and Cable can develop a custom cable tailor made for your individual application. Start designing your custom solution today with our Custom Cable Design Center, and an Allied Wire and Cable sales representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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